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A registered apprenticeship in advanced construction, engineering, and high-tech trades provides students with a clear career path from paid apprentice to business leader, without any of the student debt that accompanies a typical university education.

But make no mistake: apprenticeship programs aren’t an alternative to college,

apprenticeship programs are college.


The most prevalent educational mantra in history—that in order to be successful a high school graduate absolutely had to earn a university degree—began to take root nearly a century ago, and has been one of the most enduring mandates of our lifetimes.


But that mandate arose in a different time, and studies today show that university education doesn’t hold the power it once did. Our educational system has changed, and our workforce continues to change rapidly. More and more students are leaving university with tens of thousands of dollars in student debt, and most of them are competing for the same entry-level jobs that barely earn enough to pay the first installment of what will likely be many years of payments on those loans. And automation will throw many jobs into even more uncertainty for our current generation of students.


An apprenticeship in advanced construction, engineering, and the high-tech trades gives students an education they can apply immediately to lucrative, lasting career they can be proud of.

Contact Dian, Trades Apprenticeship Recruiter, to learn more about apprenticeship options or to schedule a presentation for your school, or a tour of our state-of-the-art training facilities.



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