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It's National Apprenticeship Week!

We kick off National Apprenticeship Week today—a week to recognize, celebrate, and educate the public about the value of registered apprenticeships as important career-building tools.

Registered apprenticeships provide top quality earn-while-you-learn opportunities in the high-demand building and construction trades. Check out the Top 7 great benefits of choosing one of our 13 apprenticeship programs: 1. Our apprentices spend two to five years learning a trade—in the classroom and on the job—from masters in the field, setting them up for a lifelong career in a satisfying, good-paying job with unlimited growth potential.

2. Apprenticeship is a free education—no student debt required. In addition to hands-on construction principles and techniques, you'll master algebra, geometry and calculus, engineering, technology, and other important concepts required to build complex structures for today's world.

3. Our apprentices graduate with portable, internationally-recognized credentials—the golden keys to in-demand construction job opportunities across the globe.

4. Apprenticeship is paid training, and apprentices start earning good paychecks on day one. Starting pay for our construction apprentices is higher than minimum wage—in some trades more than double—and rises at regular intervals throughout the program. By the time an apprentice graduates into journeyman/woman status, they're earning an average of 35% more than most of their recent college graduate counterparts are getting paid. Wow!

5. Apprenticeship comes with benefits—literally! As an apprentice, you'll be eligible for a full benefits package after 30-90 days. Details depend on the trade, but at minimum packages include family medical and dental coverage, paid time off, and generous retirement benefits.

6. We invest heavily in your future. Our apprentices also receive lifetime job placement assistance, and free continuing education and certification opportunities.

7. Our registered building trades apprenticeships guarantee equal pay to all gender identities, ethnicities, sexual orientation, religion, and other backgrounds and belief systems.

These are just a few of the benefits of an apprenticeship with Northern Nevada's union building and construction trades. We hope you'll join us in celebrating apprenticeships this week as an important career development tool and workforce development engine. Please also join us for the 2019 Women Build Nevada Career Exploration Fair on November 15, 2019 at the TMCC Pennington Applied Technology Center!

Want to learn more about applying to one of our 13 trade apprenticeship programs? Contact us now.

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