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NOW is the perfect time to get into one of our earn-while-you-learn trades apprenticeship programs

Northern Nevada's construction workforce is humming now, but it's set to explode within the next ten years as many of our construction workers reach retirement age.

Now's the time to get into one of our 13 earn-while-you-learn apprenticeship programs and train for great in-demand career in the high-tech building and construction trades!

"We're looking at a demographic time bomb...our average construction worker is about 50, and most construction workers retire in their 50s, so we're looking at about 50% of our construction workers here in Nevada retiring in the next 10 years." —Rob Benner, Building and Construction Trades Council of Northern Nevada

Check out our Reno-Sparks area paid apprenticeship programs and contact us today to learn more and apply.

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